City of Chattanooga

Head Start and Early Head Start

Apply for a part time job!

When submitting an application for Substitute, please complete the following forms/documents:

1. Application

2. Residency Requirement (must live in Tennessee).

3. Memo of Understanding

4. Job description (Substitute Teachers only)

5. All three references must be completed and returned.

6. Copy of Social Security Card

7. Copy of Driver’s License

8. Educational Credentials (High school diploma, etc.) Substitute Teachers only.

Once these forms are submitted, we will work to schedule a background investigation and physical examination.

Substitute Teacher hourly rate depends on educational credentials (as of July 2018):

High School Diploma/GED:  $8.69/hr

CDA: $8.89/hr

AA Degree: $9.18/hr

BA/BS Degree: $9.44/hr.



Employment application packet 

For full time positions, please go to

Spanish Language Internship Program

Our program offers the unique opportunity for Spanish language students to get real-world experience in a fun, low stress environment. As part of our Home Language Support Initiative, we seek volunteers who are proficient in Spanish to help expand the vocabularies and conceptual knowledge of our dual language learners. If you want to practice and perfect your Spanish while helping Spanish speaking children and families, contact us today!

*Applicant must be 18 years or older. Placement pending openings, background check, and TB Skin test.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State, and that spirit is evident in the many people who volunteer with our program!

For example, our collaboration with the Foster Grandparent Program of Chattanooga enriches our programs with more than 97,000 volunteer hours each year!

During the summer months, we host volunteers from around the country through the Youth Works.

Many times individuals volunteer without being part of a larger group. Some opt to volunteer in the classrooms helping the teachers or simply reading to children. Others sponsor families during the holiday seasons. Sometimes parents and other volunteers work to beautify our centers.

If you think you might be interested in one of our many opportunities, contact our Volunteer and Special Projects Coordinator and let us find the right experience for you!

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

If you are a parent or guardian of a currently enrolled student of either Head Start or Early Head Start, we want you to serve on Policy Council. Each year some of the parents from the Parent Committees are elected to serve on one our governing bodies, the Policy Council.

The majority of the Policy Council is comprised of the parents of currently enrolled students. The remaining representatives come from local agencies that serve families with small children. This allows parents to have the majority voice in issues such as financial reporting, new hires and terminations, the approval of new policies and procedures, and long-term planning and vision for our program!