City of Chattanooga

Head Start and Early Head Start

Early Learning:

We believe children learn best through rich interactions with other adults and their peers in safe and positive learning environments. As a result, our classrooms are filled with quality materials that encourage learning experiences that are fun for our students and our staff. Our teachers and caregivers use those materials to plan play-based, individualized activities that will use the following tools:

The Creative Curriculum:

This research-based curriculum designed for  children from ages 0-5 years and specializes in exploration and discovery as a way of learning and building confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills that will leave a lasting impact.

Personal Safety Curriculum:

This preschool curriculum teaches personal safety in effective, age-appropriate ways. Some examples include teaching children what to do in the event of a fire or if they get lost. The safety of children is paramount to us.

Social/Emotional Curriculum:

We use the Second Step Curriculum to promote social and emotional skills. This engaging curriculum uses play, games, stories, picture cards, breathing techniques and much more to give children the skills they need to self-regulate play well with peers.

Dual Language Classes:

Learning other languages and cultures is one of the richest experiences we can offer our children. Many Head Start and Early Head Start classes provide the opportunity for children to learn English and Spanish. As children interact with bilingual teaching staff in language-focused play activities, they improve both their native language and the new language they are learning. What’s more, they have a blast doing it!